Xelay Foundation Tennis Initiative 

Xelay Foundation is committed to maintaining and improving the health and wellness of our community. Through thoughtful partnerships, we have created an environment wherein the loyal enthusiasts of tennis can grow their game and compete in recreational matches. Additionally, we have developed a merit-based scholarship to support elite collegiate athletes.

AAA Tennis

AAA Tennis, founded in 2021 as part of the Xelay Foundation, aims to support and empower the local Bay Area tennis community. The mission of AAA Tennis is to connect and develop the San Francisco Bay Area tennis community through recreational competition, player development and support, and community engagement, aligning closely with the Xelay Foundation’s mission of enhancing community health and wellness. Click HERE to learn more about AAA Tennis and our collaborative efforts in improving the local community.

Xelay Foundation Tennis Scholarship

This tennis scholarship is intended for local SF Bay Area students who play tennis at a high level, have an interest in continuing to pursue competitive tennis at the collegiate level, and have been using their tennis skills or connections to give back to their community. Students must be accepted to a division I, II, or III U.S. school for the scholarship year. Click HERE to see the requirements and application information.