To create extraordinary social progress in our communities by partnering with and empowering community-led organizations through research, consulting, funding, and engagement



Xelay Foundation was established in 2015 to:

  1. Expand the social responsibility efforts initiated by Xelay Acumen
  2. Forge collaborations and partnerships with other non-profits, government agencies, businesses, and philanthropic organizations to leverage resources, share expertise, and maximize impact through collective action
  3. Develop members of the Xelay Family through philanthropy engagements

As part of the Xelay Acumen family, our mission has always been to deliver extraordinary results through the development of high potential team members. In line with Xelay Acumen’s core values, addressing Challenging Issues and pursuing Engagements That Matter enables us as an organization to create significant step changes in people’s lives, research, and society. The social responsibility to contribute back has always been the driving force behind each of our engagements and the creation of Xelay Foundation allows us to expand on our ability to positively contribute to society. The Xelay Foundation has contributed approximately three-quarters of a million dollars to date and continues to allocate over $200,000 annually to support local community-led organizations and causes, alongside innovative global partner institutions.

Annual Report

We’re pleased to share the Xelay Foundation 2023 Annual Report showcasing accomplishments across all programs (PDF)