The Xelay Foundation’s research agenda and expert recommendations are rooted in open-minded inquiry and represent the diverse point of view of our 50+ scholars.

Research topics cover hospital systems, management studies, operations, program development, and community engagement.


Non-Profit Management

Appropriate and efficient use of resources ensures organizations reach their intended goals.  Xelay Foundation leverages best practices from within and across issue areas to recommend management techniques to partner organizations the achieve medium- and long-term goals in the interest of the greater community.

  • Financial Management Tools for Community-Led Organizations (PDF)
  • Upward Communication in Community Healthcare Organizations (PDF)

Community Impact

Strategizing and implementing the highest impact solutions is Xelay Foundation’s focus when partnering together with community organizations working to make a difference. A key component of high-impact solutions is working together with community members to ensure the intended impact is felt and the consequences of the engagement are extraordinary.

  • Health Outcomes In Nursing Home Patients on Dialysis (PDF)
  • Easing Shelter in Place Earlier Makes Sense for California – Disadvantaged Minorities Carry the Economic and Health Burden of Shelter in Place (PDF)

Consulting Approach

Xelay Foundation teaches and trains partner organizations on the consulting approach to equip their teams with powerful tools for decision making and program implementation. From white papers to multi-day training events, the Foundation supports the wider community by empowering community organizations to deliver extraordinary results with current resources.

  • Constructive Feedback (PDF)
  • Once Is a Mistake, Twice Is a Choice, Three Times Is a Habit (PDF)
  • Demonstrating Feedback Implementation (PDF)
  • Levels of Maturity in Receiving Feedback (PDF)
  • Impact of Mentorship Programs (Video)
  • Being a Trusted Advisor (Video)