2023 Xelay Foundation-AAA Cup Summary — by Xelay Foundation-AAA

In the most recent edition of the Xelay Foundation-AAA Cup, jointly organized by the Xelay Foundation and AAA Tennis, we celebrated yet another resounding success. In 2023, we increased the number of teams from 8 to 10 and the spots were filled up immediately after the tournament info was released. In addition, we are thrilled to announce that in our ongoing efforts to elevate the player experience at the Xelay Foundation-AAA Cup, we partnered with Swing Vision to enhance the technical support available to participants. By inviting Swing Vision to collaborate with us, we significantly bolstered the tournament’s infrastructure, providing players with cutting-edge technology and invaluable insights to refine their skills on the court. Overall, the tournament drew an impressive turnout, attracting enthusiastic participation from hundreds of individuals and sparking lively discussions throughout the entire SF Bay Area community.

Total of 10 talented teams participated:

  1. AAA

  2. King Shawn

  3. Hurricane

  4. United Warriors

  5. Southern Overlord

  6. City Farmers

  7. Mission Hills

  8. WDK Teck

  9. FunSports

  10. Soju

The championship match featured WDK Tech facing off against United Warriors, creating an intense and captivating spectacle. Despite initially trailing 0:3, United Warriors managed to turn the tide in their favor during the pivotal D2 game, thanks to their composed demeanor and enthusiastic supporters. This remarkable comeback secured their ultimate victory in the final.

Top 10 reasons players love the Xelay Foundation-AAA Cup:

  1. Captain Planning and Wisdom: With at least 3 girls in each line, no default, no stacking, D3 worth 3 points, and total team UTR below 30, it takes a lot of new thinking for a captain

  2. Higher-Level Partners: It’s almost impossible for most intermediate players to pair with a much higher-rated partner, but the Xelay Foundation-AAA Cup offers this opportunity. Intermediate players taste the happy feeling of playing and possibly winning with a super good partner

  3. Player Support: The AAA team worked diligently to accommodate players from thoughtful road signs and giveaways for every player to iced drinks, snacks, and lunch

  4. Team Spotlight for Intermediate Players: Center stage court given to D3 (worth 3 points)

  5. Individual Medals and Awards: For all Champion and Finalist players

  6. Special Individual Award: Best matching outfit pair, best sportsmanship

  7. Professional Check-in Process: Similar to USTA Sectionals with matching lineup cards, player lists, and schedule pre-printed and provided in captain folders

  8. Beautiful Crystal Trophy: One-of-a-kind team crystal trophy

  9. Instructional Doubles Clinic Session: Doubles Offensive and Defensive Volley Positioning and Strategy

  10. Beautiful Facility: Private and separate 9 courts at the Mission Hills Racquet Club

The Xelay Foundation and AAA would like to thank Swing Vision for providing cutting-edge technology to elevate our tournament to a whole new level. Thank you also to all the players who participated in the tournament, and congratulations to the winning team. We would like to thank all the AAA volunteers for their hard work during the weekend.

As we look ahead, planning for the 2024 Xelay Foundation-AAA Cup is already underway. We’re excited to scale up the event and provide many more improved processes and infrastructures, reaffirming our dedication to fostering community engagement and excellence in tennis for years to come.

We’ll see you next year!


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