• Client was a small pre-IPO biopharma start up with a <$100 million valuation
  • Client had recently completed a small but interesting phase 2 clinical trial demonstrating expected results



  • Client organization and investigational candidate were unknown to the investment as well as scientific/medical community, making financing to fund further development a challenge
  • Investigators in the client’s clinical trials were not well known in the scientific and medical community
  • Client had a competitor that was significantly further along in development with their entire clinical development program completed, had well known physicians investigators and supporters, and was already well funded


The Xelay Approach

  • In less than a year, Xelay Acumen created and implemented an innovative best-in-class strategic approach to market communications, preparation, and shaping which directly led to 2 rounds of financing ($75M) and a $600M IPO
  • Two years later, client organization was acquired for $2.7 billion