• Client has a novel development candidate with interesting and promising data
  • Parts of client organization believes that “data” speaks for itself
  • Some external feedback from a few high profile experts


  • External feedback to date has been from few opinion leaders, infrequent, and ad hoc in nature, without cultivating long term relationships
  • Organization has minimal understanding of how KOL advocacy impacts the success of the development candidate or lacks the constant and dedicated bandwidth to pursue strong advocacy relationships
  • Opinion leaders have been identified and prioritized by 3rd party “KOL Identification” methodologies based on publication volume or academic title rather than actual influence and advocacy abilities

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The Xelay Approach

  • Within a year, Xelay Acumen cultivated relationships from scratch with over 300 top tier key opinion leaders and advocates
  • Xelay Acumen developed and refine a proprietary database and tracking of opinion leaders to ensure consistent engagement and optimize advocacy relationships
  • Xelay Acumen leveraged a unique identification and prioritization approach via validated personal peer recommendations and targeted influencing potential
  • Through KOL network externalities, significant client impact and value was generated across publications, scientific presentations, guidelines, regulatory audiences, payor discussions, and investor community