• Client recently acquired sales and marketing rights to an approved product in a competitive therapeutic area with 5 branded options in the same drug class with the same mechanism of action, with one competitor having the same active ingredient
  • Client’s formulation technology is novel and provides an alternative route of administration


  • Market perceived all products as interchangeable with little to no differentiation in safety or efficacy, leading to an absence of scientific discussion and congress research presentations in the field
  • Market share was established based only on legacy usage within organizations and contract discounting

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The Xelay Approach

  • Reframed how efficacy was evaluated in the therapeutic area based on medical data analytics
  • Created a scientifically supported, advantaged, and clinically meaningful differentiated positioning via both sides of the scientific platform (product and unmet needs)
  • Reinvigorated the broader scientific discussion on efficacy in the medical community
  • Enabled the sales force to position from a place of new science and technology which facilitated rapid market share gains